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White Elephant Enterprises is co-Directing the Highland #VideoVillage installation for Seeing Spartanburg in a New Light funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies.

“Video Village” – one of eight installations in “Seeing Spartanburg in a New Light”, a large–scale public art project supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies and Chapman Cultural Center in Spartanburg. International light artist, Erwin Redl, conceived the “Video Village” exhibit in order to explore the medium of video with the residents living in the neighborhood.

The oral histories of Highland residents were projected onto 52-second story windows of the vacant Cammie Claggett housing structures located at 317 Highland Avenue in Spartanburg.

Visible to viewers during the evening hours, these videos were programmed to run remotely and at varying sequences through 52 small Raspberry Pi computers. The entire computer system was created from the ground up by local non-profit, Hub-ology, whose mission is to bring 21st century technology skills to rural communities. The physical space for Video Village is in close proximity to the Bethlehem Center, which has served as the beacon within the Highland neighborhood for 85 years.


Co-Directed by Robyn Hussa Farrell and Tim Farrell of White Elephant Enterprises, and Elizabeth Goddard, Executive Director of Spartanburg Art Museum, the effort has literally taken a village to create and has brought partners from all over Spartanburg to the table.

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