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The Northside Initiative is the long-term Purpose Built community project to revitalize the Northside neighborhood of Spartanburg, South Carolina, overseen by Northside Development Group (NDG) .  In 2013, NDG began the massive effort to redevelop 400 acres of land in the Northside neighborhood.   Since 2014, White Elephant productions has been documenting the history of the neighborhood and the building of each major project that NDG has initiated.  It has been an incredible honor to work with NDG and the Northside Voyagers, and to listen, learn and share healing stories in collaboration with the entire Northside community.  You can see all 25+ short films we have created alongside the Northside community here.


This 15-minute documentary shares the mission and work of the Northside Development Group and their community partner, The Northside Voyagers. The Northside Development Group's mission is to "...encourage and manage the redevelopment of the City of Spartanburg’s Northside community, honoring its past and expanding the opportunities for a mix of affordable and market-rate housing, economic, educational, recreational, health, and social opportunities for its residents. Our Philosophy is that everyone who wants to live in the Northside Community should be able to live in the Northside Community. The solutions and improvements we bring to the table will always keep this philosophy in mind. It's the reason we're seeking ways to bring mixed-income housing and find ways of minimizing relocation efforts."

Learn more at

History of Northside DEVELOPMENT


co-Directed by
Robyn Hussa Farrell and Tim Farrell

Produced by

Northside Development Group

Northside Voyagers

White Elephant Enterprises

Cast & Crew

Bill Barnet

Tammie Hoy-Hawkins

Mitch Kennedy

Curt McPhail

Ed Memmott

Phoenix Miller

Deborah Moore

Lekesa Whitner

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