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For more than a decade, Robyn Hussa Farrell and Tim Farrell have co-Directed award-winning mental health educational documentaries alongside the nation's researchers in psychology and neuroscience.  Knowing the powerful impact White Elephant films have on individuals, in 2014, the couple created a medical technology platform to deliver the mental health content in an ethical and safe manner, and to collaborate with research teams in public health and psychology.  That platform is called Sharpen.

Today, the Sharpen service deploys over 600 psycho educational modules on over 100 topics in mental and emotional health.  Sharpen is a research-based health resource, driven by over 4,000 White Elephant documentary film segments.  Learn more at


One of the areas of focus in Sharpen includes ensuring specific individuals are met with peer-focused documentary stories of resilience.  Below is a sample of the documentary film content that is deployed through Sharpen Warrior - a resource to support veterans and their families created and evaluated in collaboration with VA psychologists and over 50 veterans.  


In this brief example, Robyn Hussa Farrell and Tim Farrell co-direct veteran focused PTSD stories of overcoming adversity and trauma in an effort to link more families to vetted treatment and community resources.


Throughout the documentary segments, treatment professionals across many disciplines share their findings and latest research about veteran PTSD, moral injury, post traumatic growth and successful strategies for transitioning back to civilian life. 


co-Directed by
Robyn Hussa Farrell and Tim Farrell

Produced by

Dr. Craig Burnette

Robyn Hussa Farrell

Tim Farrell

White Elephant Enterprises


Executive Produced by

Robyn Hussa Farrell

Tim Farrell

Upstate Warrior Solution

White Elephant Enterprises


Dr. Craig Burnette, Alex Chapman, Brett Claycamp, SFC(ret) James Davenport, Kristie Kolpo, TJ Rumler

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