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The Walking Hospital is a series that follows a group of practitioners who bring a unique form of Chinese medicine to remote regions of the world—stretching medicine’s possibilities, confronting its limitations, and offering alternatives in healing. In the first two series, the film takes place in Nepal. First in Kathmandu and second in the upper regions of Lomanthang.

about the film

In the second segment of Tim Farrell's documentary, a small group of practitioners trained in an ancient form of Chinese field medicine embark on a rugged trek to their final destination of Lomanthang.  It begins in the crowded streets of Kathmandu where the healers, in the service of the Global Alternative Healthcare Project, ascend to remote mountain villages in Upper Mustang, a Nepalese enclave of the high Tibetan plateau.  


Armed only with bags of herbs and needles, the doctors battle the elements to offer urgent care to individuals isolated geographically and financially. The film is a story about health, healing, and the powerful lessons of generosity that transcend borders and boundaries.


The film was featured in the 2012 Napa Valley Film Fest and as part of an exhibit at the Rubin Museum of Art entitled "Nursing Nepal."


Directed by
Tim Farrell

Post-Production by  

Sue Lee and Tom Lino

Produced by
Robyn Hussa Farrell
Tim Farrell

Executive Producers
Global Alternative Healthcare Project
Joanne Smith and Daniel C. Smith 
White Elephant Enterprises


Dr. Frank Butler
Tim Farrell
Global Alternative Healthcare Project team members
Jen Resnick
Pascaline Servan-Schreiber
Kunzom Thakuri 
The people of Nepal and Lomanthang

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