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Our documentary, Beneath the Floorboards, will soon be deployed on the SHARPEN mobile app. What Is Beneath the Floorboards?

What Is Beneath the Floorboards?

The National Association of Anorexia & Nervosa & Associated Disorders (ANAD), Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA) and Mental Fitness, Inc. (MFI) have united their educational efforts to produce an educational tool featuring a 20 minute documentary film on binge eating disorder & weight stigma called Beneath the Floorboards—the true story of individuals who struggle with binge eating disorder and other eating disorders and the accompanying weight bias, shame and stigma that they experience. This film takes an intimate and personal look at their journey,and explores the bullying due to weight stigma that faces individuals living in larger bodies.

Our goal is to raise awareness of:

— the mental illness, binge eating disorder and other eating disorders (between 30%

– 50% of those living in larger bodies may be struggling with one of the six types of eating disorders)

— how pervasive and damaging weight stigma is in our society

Throughout the training and documentary film, treatment professionals across many disciplines share their findings and shed light on the gravity of this predicament. Beneath the Floorboards presents an intense and personal look at bullying due to weight stigma, the insidious bias that assaults individuals living in larger bodies daily, and the feelings of shame, depression, disordered eating, and other adverse effects that plague these individuals as a result of this bullying.

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