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White Elephant and #VideoVillage team celebrate 6 months of success in Highland. After 20 months collaborating, connecting and changing lives, the #VideoVillage installation has closed at Cammie Clagett in Highland. The film exhibits — and our collective light — WILL SHINE ON!

We engaged over 40 amazing partners and — most importantly — created unbelievable documentary film history pieces highlighting the individuals and families of Highland. The project never could have happened without the collaborative effort of each and every person. … Over the course of the last 6 months, we filmed over 125 residents, we built over 40 new partnerships for Highland residents and leaders, we overcame incredible obstacles, we taught individuals how to make films and share their voice, residents taught us about beauty, life, love, and the incredible history of the area … together, we started an Innovation Village where students will learn tech skills … Today, Brian Painter the wizard who engineered the software design for the Raspberry Pi’s to remotely play the 52 projectors every night, texted us these facts: we played videos 3 hours per night on 52 Pi’s for 177 days. And — incredibly — we played 3.14 years of video.

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